Top 5 Live Music Venues Within The Melbourne Scene

Top 5 Live Music Venues Within The Melbourne Scene

Melbourne has been voted year in, year out as one of the best places to see and hear live music. Literally every day of the week you could go see a different band or artist.

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As a music producer I try my best to get out as often as possible to see what type of music is playing around town! From artists just starting out to seasoned professionals, no matter what your taste, there is something out there suited for you. We also have some of the best Live Music Venues Melbourne has to offer!

So, here are my Top 5 Live Music Venues with the Melbourne Scene.


1.    The Howler

There is something beautiful about this venue, not only the people it attracts but also the layout in 3 sections.

One is the car park. Great for the designated driver who can be thankful that his drunken posse of rock n rollers are only a few falls short from the car ride home.

Section 2 is the entrance into the pub bar and seating area! Great for schmoozing and networking with some of Melbourne’s most exciting and seasoned artists, producers and creatives.

The third section is the performance hall area. This is where I got to see Mark Ronson’s DJ set for his Heartbreak Club show in Melbourne for $20. Yup… $20!!!! Tickets sold out in about 30 seconds so I missed out, but then somehow found a couple of spare tickets! Thank you to that girl for getting sick and sending me her tix! Was a great night at one of my favourite venues in Melbourne. Here you’ll find international and national acts all year round.


2.    Prince Bandroom

A casual 60 years of hosting some huge international acts with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Regurgitator, Jack Johnson, Scissor Sisters, Ben Harper, Pink just to name a few.  This venue is situated in St. Kilda so you may as well make a night of it. Rollercoaster at Luna Park, the Gravitron, have a chunder and then make your way towards the Prince Bandroom for some next level tunes! This venue is quite a bit bigger than The Howler, fitting around 900 people with some bleacher-style seating at the sides. They also have their own in-house Schnitzel Den below worth checking out for pre or post-gig munchies.

Prince Band Room.jpeg

3.    Section 8

Section 8 Melbourne.jpg

This is a local bar based in a shipping container put together by wooden pallets! A little different but also great for afternoon music sessions.  It’s located in the CBD in the middle of China Town and hosts block parties, Dancehall-dance battles with live DJ’s. A great venue for a hang and the music is always next level. Easy to say, that it is hosting some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s. One of my favourite Melbourne Music Venues for a drink and great tunes.


4.    Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club

Yes yes… Jazz you say? Well, sometimes. However in this unique venue tucked away in the back alley’s of Melbourne it has become home to many styles and genres of music. One of my greatest experiences was rocking up to Bennett’s Lane at about 12:30am after having my ear to the ground and finding the location of Prince’s secret after party Jam location! Cost me $350 cash on the spot which I gave to a suspicious looking 7ft bouncer with no one to be seen… but by far, one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my life! 3.5 hours of Prince and his band jamming through the early hours of the morning. I shook Prince’s hand and haven’t washed it since.

Bennett’s Lane has two different rooms for two different styles of gigs! It’s like those books we read as kids where you can choose the next chapter and dance the night away or keep it smooth and sexy whilst sipping on wine and listening to Jazz.

PrinceBennets Lane .jpg

5.    The Toff In Town

This has been the starting point and home to many upcoming and freshly emerging Melbourne artists. Not only is the sound great but the caliber of artist is always on point! I have been pleasantly surprised many times by the talent that swings through these doors. Not to mention that directly opposite the entrance is another little nook where you can sit, eat and drink in a low lit, vibed out pub atmosphere.  Also based in the city, it’s a great place to spend an hour or two to see the hottest upcoming DJ’s and talent Melbourne have to offer.

 That’s my top 5! Let me know when you’re out next, I’ll probably be at one of these bars above or if you find a good one, I’ll be there having a drink with you!

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Cheers! Spike