My Top 5 Favourite Current Australian Artists

I always enjoy finding new talent that offers something a little different from the masses! It seems the more time I spend on Spotify the more disheartened I become. This is due to the majority of today’s music generally sounding all the same these days, the same instrumentation, melodies and arrangement style across so many different genres.

Yet every now and then something or someone holds my attention for several minutes and that is all it takes to get me excited, when someone is trying to push the boundaries and guess what? A lot of those artists are right here on our home turf! Good old bloody talented Aussie artists!

So in light of the above, here are my top 5 favourite Australian artists!  


  • Flume’s first self-titled album was released back in 2012, November 9th to be exact. As a producer Flume demonstrated a powerful command of sharp bass drums and snappy vocals samples entailed with rollercoaster-like dynamics. Check out “Holdin On” one of my favourite Flume tracks!

  • It was nothing like I had ever heard and the mixes on these bad boys were incredible. The musicality and sound design that were heard through the tracks were that of a seasoned pro, yet Flume was only 17 years of age starting music production at the ripe age of 13.  

  • His career has taken him around the globe working with an array of internationally renowned artists and producers and his sound has been mimicked and infused into pop music ever since. To think it all started from a basic production disc found in a cereal box!


2. JOY

  • JOY, real name Olivia McCarthy is an exciting Australian Musician, singer and producer from Brisbane. She is an established, pianist, guitarist, singer & avid Ableton user. The first time I heard her voice was simply something out of this world. Smooth, creamy, silky vocals with attitude.

  • One of my favourite joy tracks is the song, “Like Home.” The production is smooth and I’m a huge fan of the sound selection, especially the opening chords that sound like they’ve been made up by some vocal sample.

  • Joy has released to EP’s up until now, “ODE” back in 2015 and SIX back in 2018. I think JOY is destined for stardom and is certainly one to watch over the next 5 years!

JOY .png


  • Adrian is pretty new to the music scene but has had a really great start to what looks to be a long and promising career. His first official release was “17 Again” back in 2017 and has slowly been building a keen and loyal fan base. His voice is certainly one of a kind and produces songs that are heart-felt feel good autobiographical type tunes through his music.

  • His latest record, A.O.K is his first single release in two years and is an uplifting anthem on mental health and resilience with a twist of gospel samples and hip hop to the likes of artists like Kanye West and Chance The Rapper.  It’s an uplifting and positive track both in sound and message.

  • Adrian has toured and performed with Hill Top Hoods and has started playing around the festival scenes as well as tours through Europe. His main influences are reggae, soul & R&B. Another exciting career to stay tuned to!

Adrian Eagle.jpg



  • Kwame first gained some attention back in 2016 when he lit up the stage with A$AP Ferg and the video went viral. The 21 year old Western Sydney rapper released thereafter two mixtapes titled, Lesson Learned & Endless Conversations.

  • With thanks to Triple J Unearthed, Kwame later found himself a spot at music festival Splendour In The Grass! Kwame is an exciting mix between a more future RnB sound of Kendrick Lamar & similarities to another artist I love, Goldlink.

  • Kwame’s goal is to become an international artist, touring around the country and going to cities and other countries with amazing stage production.




  • Touch sensitive is one of my favourite producers and artists! His music is always full of energy and stylistically sophisticated. One of his latest tracks worth listening to is, G.A.L which I currently have on repeat! A wonderful display of an upbeat funk-house groove with a heavy bass driven pulse and shimmering synth melodies!

  • Has remixed songs from artists such as Rufus & Hayden James.

  • Hit most radars with breakthrough tracks Pizza Guy and Show Me released in 2013. Touch has great video clips and awesome vibes and music to match! Check ‘em out for yourself

Touch Sensitive.jpg

So there are my top 5 Australian artists, they seem to change from month to month as I continue to explore what’s hot and what’s not! Stay tuned for future blogs and updates devoted towards my love and passion for music and the Aussie community! Make sure you check out our Squad Sunday event where our Melbourne music community come together every month! More details on my website and socials!

 Spike Leo