My Top 5 Favourite Music Producers


Pharrell Williams has been one of those guys I’ve had a heavy yet healthy obsession with when it comes to music, from a very young age. His unique ability for sound and making beats come alive helped create many of the hip hop anthems I enjoyed whilst growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s. In fact, listening to them today, they still hit hard and have been unmatched in style and flavour.

Pharrell Williams.jpeg

Some of my favourites are:

I have no doubt that Pharrell will go down as one of the greats as well as the fact that from all the interviews I have watched, he comes across as a humble, caring and spiritual human being. One whom I would love to have the honour of meeting.


Another tyrant in the game and was pretty much head to head with Pharrell in the hip hop game was the all so talented Timbaland. Also with an incredible sense of rhythm and unique sonic ability, Timbaland helped carved up the early 2000 scene with some unforgettable anthems!


 It felt as if at one stage, the radio was literally flooded with Timbaland and Pharrell tracks. They were clearly the two hottest producers of our time and to this day are still creating and releasing tracks that are topping charts internationally.



Dj Mustard’s ability to make up a monotonous beat and make it so infectious that you could literally listen to it on repeat without ever getting sick of it is admirable. Always drum and bass heavy and this grimey underground grooves that always just had such a strong vibe where you could play them all day long. Dj Mustard best known for entering the scene in the late 2000’s also with an impressive playlist of heavy loaded tracks. He crafted a fresh new sound for hip hop come 2014 and still comes out with some fire tracks.

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Mark Ronson would have to be one of the most current and commercially successful producers of our time. First starting out as a DJ turned recording artist Mark Ronson stepped up the bar when co-producing the album for Amy Winehouse winning him his first three Grammy Awards. Ronson has been across many records and has certainly hit a few out of the park with Bruno Mars’ smash hit Locked Out Of Heaven amongst others. His skill definitely lies in mixing old flavours with new and will no doubt have long lasting records heard for years to come. A classic styled producer with a commercial flare.

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We all know that Kanye loves Kanye, but I must admit, as much as he comes across as a mad man and complete douche at times, Spike Leo also loves Kanye.

Undoubtedly one of the most influential producers in modern hip hop not only in his own right but also producing for other artists.  Kanye jumped onto the scene in 2001 with the album “Blueprint” and since then has helped write records for Ludacris, Alicia Keys & Jay-Z to name a few. Kanye tends to be quite unpredictable in music choices and obviously private life choices (that seem to be blatantly public) that he is certainly one to always keep an eye on, hopefully for nothing more than just his music to be honest.

Here’s a playlist below (because the list is so damn huge) of songs Kanye has produced for others and if you’ve never heard of a Kanye West song before, then what are you doing on my blog? lol! Enjoy!

Kanye West.jpg

Well, that’s my list of the hottest. Of course producers like Noah “40” Shebib, Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Dj Mustard and probably a handful more should be there but those 5 above are certainly the ones who I have admired for the longest whilst growing up and still do very much to this day!

Blog ya later!

Spike Leo