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A Guide To: Music Production Courses

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Music production courses… Should you do them? Should you go online? Is it worth the money & time? What are you really getting? These are all valid and interesting questions!

My biggest tip is this…remember, all music production courses held at universities are businesses first and worry about students second. The idea of having creative courses like music production with pricing set between $40,000-$70,000 is ludicrous! I wonder what percentage of graduates make that sort of money from their creative profession annually within the first 10 years? I would guess around 5% if you’re lucky! Despite the above, these bachelor degrees also require a large academic component due to them solely being bachelor degrees and in order to make it an official integrated educational program, a large academic component is required. This basically means, you’re going to spend a great deal of time writing essays and sitting through not so exciting theoretical classes and less time being hands on actually using the equipment necessary to become an engineer or music producer. And guess what… This career is all about being hands on, turning the knobs, opening the plugins! It doesn’t matter how much theory you learn, if you’re not actually applying your knowledge directly to a mixing desk and/or computer, then your learning and production/engineering capabilities are going to be a result of that type of education which is, average.

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This brings me to going online. There’s an abundance of information and it can often be overwhelming. When first starting out you lack the vocabulary to understand exactly what it is you are wanting to search for as well as the descriptions or names of the problems that you’re encountering. I remember getting stuck so many times and it wasn’t that the information wasn’t out there! It’s that I had no idea what the name of the problem was or the vocabulary to be able to explain myself properly. You see, music and music production has its own language like any art form and when I first started searching on the internet I was watching videos that were way too advance for me and felt alienated from the information that was shared.

So… am I saying that university courses and online content are bad? No, not entirely. There’s no use being solely dependent on signing up for a music production/engineering university degree as, degree or no degree, it has nothing to do with you receiving any guaranteed employment thereafter. With a career where you’ll already start with a handicap, do you really need to start it in debt? My point is, a lot of people feel that because you’re doing the course within your chosen field, that it will most certainly guarantee you with a higher chance of employment or the big bucks after completion.

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Online is great! However, in terms of keeping productive and moving forward efficiently in your music production journey, this can often be quite challenging. I highly suggest finding some of the great and affordable online classes that have some type of syllabus based program. This will give you a stronger guide of your progress and take you from the start with simple and friendly vocabulary. Of course, if you have local music producers offering lessons and a syllabus like Spike Leo Music studios, then I would say, getting hands on, in a professional studio that is all about practicality with a healthy dose of theory is going to be the best bang for your buck! Of course, I am biased because that is what I do but let me assure you, all the above are mistakes I’ve made and learnt from. Attending face to face one on one classes that are tailored around you will have you writing, mixing and finishing songs in 1 year rather than 7! And because lessons are tailored around your strengths and weaknesses and not just some generic course, you will excel much faster as we tackle the problem you are experiencing head on! Our syllabus has been created from the best of what I learnt from courses and teachers across the USA, from NY to LA and gives you the exact skills that are sought after in the music industry all the way from beginner to advanced. My guarantee is this, in 6-12 months, not only will you know what you’re doing and how to create full produced songs, you’ll be satisfied with your decisions to take one on one lessons, you won’t feel pressured to take a job in an unrelated industry to pay off a massive debt, and you won’t have given up on your dreams to produce music.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best with your journey and am only a message away!

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