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Why do you need a producer contract?

The producer contract allows both the artist/label and the producer to know exactly what is required of them when recording and producing an artist’s music. By putting the artist/label’s expectations for the finished product in writing, the producer will be aware of their responsibilities and restrictions while producing the product with the artist/label’s money. This minimises the potential conflict with the artist/label in the future and should be mutually agreed upon by both the producer and the artist/label before the commencement of work.

A producer/production fee is paid negotiated by the producer; this is a fee for production.

As a Producer and Songwriter every song is divided into 2 sides: the song writing side and the master recording side with both sides earn income/royalties. 95% of producer/songwriter agreements are structured like the following;



As a songwriter (which is separate from the producer role) the artist contributes 50% as you start the track together and are both in the room throughout the writing process - this 50% song writing split gets registered on APRA and every time the song gets airplay/radio play or streams, you receive 50% of royalties for the song writing side of income. Remember these royalties are totally separate from the master recording royalties and once registered with APRA is automatically collected and paid out to the songwriters.


- The artist owns the master recording and the recording is theirs to do as they like (unless signed by a label in which case, the label own the recording) but in almost all cases the producer also has a stake in the master recording which is usually anything between 4% up to 50% on top of the production fee that is paid.

- Any income received from iTunes/ streaming platforms or TV commercials etc, needs to be accounted for and a percentage paid of that income (usually accounted for on a quarterly or bi-annual basis)

- Transparent accounting showing total income and revenue displaying all relevant streaming income and breakdowns must be provided.

• For further information please contact Spike Leo or check online under Apra or Music Victoria "Producer Fact Sheet.

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