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Music Producer | Mix Engineer | Songwriter


Spike Leo is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, engineer and all round performer who has recently returned from creating the show, "Sama Sama" by Cirque Du Soleil in Spain. He has managed and performed on some of the biggest stages around the globe.
Accepted into the V.C.A.S.S (Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School) at the age of 16 after a vigorous audition process Spike was now involved in a 55% Music 45% academic regime which inaugurated 200 hopeful dancers and musicians to reach their full potential in achieving their artistic dreams.

After Graduating, Spike successfully auditioned for a 3 year Musical Theatre course close to Melbourne called, “The Arts Academy” receiving a Bachelor of Musical Theatre. With all the years of studying and training Spike‘s journey took him to Israel for a short holiday, encapsulated by the culture and people, it was not long until Spike was accepted into his first company Tararam tour group, later auditioning successfully for the Israeli renowned Mayumana group where he was performing alongside an array of multi-talented performers in the show Momentum.

Spike and Mayumana had their debut tour of NY, Broadway having performed 5 weeks and receiving successful write ups in the New York Times and Time Out magazine. Spike continued to tour many places in the world with Mayumana including Spain, Belgium, China, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Istanbul, Australia and many more.
Spike is a sought after music producer/mix engineer/songwriter in Australia and has worked with some major Australian acts as well as helping many independent artists get on their feet and gain radio play with his unique creative writing abilities and savvy production skills.


About Us


A recording studio based in Melbourne first opening their doors in 2012. Spike Leo is one of Melbourne’s most exciting up and coming music producers. With an ever growing gear list Spike Leo has tailored the studio with a broad selection of popular and boutique hardware that can tailor any artistic vision with a wide selection of sound palettes. Spike Leo is fully invested in his clientele and in delivering the utmost quality and excellence in music production, mixing and songwriting for some of Melbourne’s most hard working creatives and artists. Quality music recordings are amongst many of Spike Leo’s highest priorities when it comes to collaborating with artists. At Spike Leo recording studios we understand that in order for an artist to deliver their best they need to feel their best in which case our studios are made to feel at comfortable and homely in a relaxed and productive working environment. Spike Leo’s motto is, “Your song becomes my song and with that, all the passion, experience and care will be put in accordingly.”



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Steven Pham

Steven is a R&B and Hip-Hop artist/producer. He is a friendly and adaptable teacher who ensure’s that the techniques learnt are integrated into your preferred style. As a trained pianist; Steven’s love and passion for music is contagious and beneficial when developing your skills as an aspiring music producer. Launching his music career in Jan 2018, Steven began learning production right here at Spike Leo Music Recording Studios. With hard work, persistence, Steven has developed his skills to the point of releasing several self-produced singles and a debut EP.

Working out of Logic Pro X; Steven’s fresh ideas and patience are perfect for guiding and teaching you the basics of music production.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting the future of music right here in Melbourne and I’m confident that I can show my students basic production techniques to greatly improve or even launch their careers as independent musicians.”


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